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The A.P.C. is one of the support vehicles from the Ptolemaic Army and it first appear in Metal Slug 5.


it can only carry around troops. It is faster and can carry more troops than its predecessor, the 3-ton Utility Truck, and is also much better armored, which can be an annoyance if you're facing two of these. It also acts as a replacement as the rocket truck from the rebel army, though it launches no rockets, just deploys the troops.


  • The A.P.C is based on Step Van.
  • In the Gallery of the Official Metal Slug website, if you search one of the concept arts of Metal Slug 5, you may find an artwork of some of the vehicles which includes an A.P.C. with a Vulcan on its rear and a Cannon on its upper roof. However, both of which were unused.
    • The A.P.C. was once planned to also deploy Guerrillas, however it was scrapped and its sprites of it are left unused.

APC with Cannon.

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