The AR-10 Autorifle is the main weapon of the Regular Army and the Amadeus Syndicate.


The rifle itself is not out of the ordinary, using the standard 7.62mm rounds available. It is equipped with a grenade launcher below the barrel, providing it with the ability to use different projectiles of different sizes.

Every special weapon except the Zantetsu Sword and the Double HMG is fired from the AR-10.


  • The AR-10 and the M60 are the only real modern firearms in the Rebel Infantry (as opposed to their weird mix of German WWII rifles and futuristic Weapons).
  • When any female character (mostly S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S members) uses the AR-10, the buttstock of the rifle is removed. This also applies to the M-3685 the S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S use, as the sprite resembles an UZI rather than an MP5.
  • The design of the rifle is based off the Japanese Type 64 Rifle with an M203-like grenade launcher, And the U.S Military rifle the M16. Oddly enough there is a real life design of the same name yet is quite different from the one in the games.
  • If you look at the articles for the Special Weapons, the concept art shows a crate containing what appears to be a barrel attachment for the AR-10. It can be assumed that the barrel of the AR-10 is interchangeable, granting the AR-10 extreme versatility as well as explaining why almost all of the Special Weapons are fired out of the AR-10.
  • The rifle also resembles the FN FAL and the AR-16/AR-18

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