The Amadeus Mother Computer is the Amadeus Syndicate's main computer frame piloted by the Doctor. It serves as the final boss of Metal Slug 4.


Computer robo 2-
The battle begins as Amadeus mounts the Type α Mother Computer. Its attacks consist of opening its hatch to launch missiles, using a pincer claw to attack the players, shooting its electric cannon, and firing a ring-shaped laser.
Computer robo 1-
After destroying the Type α, Amadeus will switch to the Type β Mother Computer. It attacks by opening its front and firing multiple rounds from its mini-guns, sending out a buzz saw, and launching satellite drones which attack by firing energy projectiles.
Amadeus 3rd phase idle
Once the player successfully destroys the two Mother Computers, he will finally take control of the central machine. This computer's attacks consist of firing horizontal lasers from the left and right, releasing many lasers that ricochet around the screen, and calling two robots that appear from the left and right to fire further blasts, shooting laser beams first towards the floor, then at a forty-five degree angle towards the players.

In Other Games

Metal Slug Defense

After Metal Slug 4, he has since reappeared in Metal Slug Defense (ver. 1.38.0) during the "Amadeus Attack" event. His robot can be purchased in the game's store via coins collected in the Event Area.

Metal Slug Attack

The Mother Computer is featured as a Daily Boss on Friday-Saturday. Only his "α" and "β" computers in this mode. Later, in the Extra Ops "CODE: ASSAULT", he reappears as the main boss, again with the previously mentioned computers only. If the player clears all the levels on "Easy" difficulty, Amadeus can be obtained as a deployable unit.

Unlike Metal Slug Defense, both computers ("α" and "β") are considered one unit (just as Emain Macha on said game). Once "α" is destroyed, "β" will appear from the base, but only if the player has unlocked Skill 2. This could explain the unit's expensive AP cost (which is increased to 2000 in Silver, 1800 in Gold and 1600 in Diamond/Platinum).

Amadeus Type-γ MSA idle

An improved version of his β machine, named the Type γ (seen right), appears in the "Amadeus Revenge" Extra Ops as an individual unit. It is colored red and gold, and the "18" on the front doors is now a "19".

The central machine makes its playable debut in the "Kung Fu Guru", named as the Doctor Type: AI. A projected version of the Doctor pilots the machine as part of an experiment regarding sentient A.I. The central machine's long range is dragging two lasers, one positioned horizontally and another vertically. It's special is a shock wave, extended to three waves when Skill 4 is unlocked.


  • The Amadeus Mother Computer are the only bosses in Metal Slug 4 that aren't made of recycled sprites from previous games.
  • The laser turrets in the third phase of the boss fight is a recycled sprite of the Supervisory Camera.
  • Amadeus and Invader Queen are only final bosses which have their own final boss theme other than Final Attack.
  • If you are too close to the Type: α, the energy projectiles will not hit you, instead it will stay in mid-air until it fades, this is an advantage to be used against Type: α.
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