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The Amadeus Robot is an enemy introduced in Metal Slug 4.


The Amadeus Robots are small droids developed by the Amadeus Syndicate. It only appears in the Final Mission during the fight against the Doctor's central machine.

The Amadeus Robots spawn from the ground, two at a time on both sides of the arena, facing forward and then turning to the side. Its only attack is charging its eye to fire a slow laser beam. The Amadeus Robots serve as a distraction for the player while the central machine prepares its other attacks.


MSAUnit Amadeus Robot.png
Amadeus Robot: The original droid. In Metal Slug Attack, its attack power increases the more Amadeus Robots are in the battlefield.
MSAUnit Amadeus Robot (Gold).png
MSAUnit Amadeus Robot (Silver).png
Gold and Silver Amadeus Robots: Shiny droids with improved stats. Only summoned by specific units. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
MSAUnit Amadeus Robot+.png
Amadeus Robot+: A dark gray Amadeus Robot that pulses a laser beam close to its face. It serves as a wall against enemy units and can spawn from the frontline instead from the player's base. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Amadeus Robot (Summer Type): A blue Amadeus Robot that acts the same as its original brethrens, albeit having better firepower and durability. White Baby specifically have created them to celebrate the summer parties.
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