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Amber is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack. She debuts in the "Snatch Wars Season 10" Guild Ops.

Character Summary

Amber is a member of the Regular Army, joining at Marco's request. Marco had heard about her skills and wanted to see her in action.

A lone-wolf, Amber is mostly adrift due to a traumatic experience from her training years. Her cold demeanor stems from her being unaccustomed to human interaction, and is something that Maggie is concerned about. According to Roberto, she gets friendly once taken the time to know her.

Amber drives the Slug Attacker, a modified and hefty Slug Gunner that can shield itself from enemy attacks when deformed. It switches state depending on the enemy's proximity. Amber is in possession of two variants; a red one that is in its deformed state, and a blue one which can cover more ground in a pinch but lacks the defensive capability of the red one.


Extra Ops

She briefly appears in "United Front the 7th", where she is called into a meeting by Marco. On the way, she bumps into Molly, who boasts about her participation in the battle. Amber states that she should use the coins before they become worthless before leaving, having shown no reaction to her contribution.

Amber would eventually leave the services of the Regular Army and become a freelance mercenary. When MS-Alice disappears fighting the Martians, Marco hires her to find Alice. Amber is shocked with Alice's appearance but helps her defeat the invaders. Eri thanks Amber for helping them find Alice, though she simply states that she was just doing her job. The next morning, Molly talks with Amber, annoyed that they used her services again. Amber states that she could recommend her the next time, and plans to leave again as she doesn't want to lose her friends after watching Marco and Tarma try to repair Alice.

Still concerned with Molly, Amber calls Maggie to check in on her well-being. After the operation is over, Amber chuckles at Molly and Maggie. Maggie soon notices Amber appears to have lost weight and forcefully feeds her a cookie. Amber asks Molly to help her, but her plea goes unanswered. As Molly heads to the Try Line store, Amber soon realizes that Molly also has her coins but is unable to chase her.

Continuing to offer her services to the Regular Army, she is later sent on what appears to be a dangerous mission, intending to go alone on a newly developed Pile Impact. Unbeknownst to her, the Pile Impact was designed for two, with Molly coming to assist her for the operation.




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