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Ami is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

A shy girl with blue/black hair and red eyes, Ami lacks self-confidence and often speaks in short phrases due to not being comfortable speaking with others. She was selected as a candidate for the Metal Device Project due to meeting the requirements, though she had initially wished otherwise. Though nervous to be entrusted with such a position, Ami quickly met Perche and slowly bonded with her due to her optimism. If someone she cares for is threatened, Ami will rush to their aid regardless of the situation.

In combat, she uses a customized Thunder Shot called Mjolnir, which shoots out a red Thunder Shot alongside the standard blue shots. The shots are potent enough that they can severely injure or kill someone if it hits them, even if the user has no combat experience.


Extra Ops

Ami makes her appearance in "Best Partner", where she accompanies Perche and Fio Germi on a mission to stop the flow of future Rebel soldiers. Her Mjolnir quickly mops up most of the enemies, and Perche compliments her for her contribution to battle.

She's later called into a meeting with Perche and Ulala where they are briefed on the Fall Climber. As Ulala was given a new suit, she is given the task of destroying it alone to check its power. Ami cheers her on alongside Perche from the sidelines and is baffled when she returns twice to refill on food and drink.

Another Story

Appearing in "My Hero", Ami is selected as a Metal Device Project candidate, much to her disdain. However, before testing could even begin, Rebel Army soldiers led by Destrade and Huracan attack the base to steal the suit, which Ami is wearing. Ami manages to hold them off with clumsy shots from Mjolnir, and escapes before they could capture her.

She later receives further training with Perche and the two are deployed for an operation against the Rebel Army. After Perche is wounded from a Hodumi+, Ami becomes terrified and runs away with her. Due to Perche watching out for her, Ami decides she should return the favor and returns to the battlefield, wounding Destrade but runs out of energy while fighting Huracan. Perche and the Aikawa sisters arrive to extract her before she is captured. At sea, Ami appears to have developed feelings for Perche; though she does not admit them to her yet, she mentally promises herself to do so in the future.


  • Her weapon uses the same name of the weapon of the Marvel Universe superhero Thor, which is an electrified hammer.
  • In-game, her skills make references to various Norse gods.


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