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Anastasia I is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

The founder of the unknown sect currently led by her great-granddaughter Anastasia IV, Anastasia I created the sect in order to save humanity from a future of ruin. Like Licht and Elena, Anastasia I arrived to the present timeline utilizing a rip in space time caused by Ptolemaios to help her great-granddaughter out.

In battle, she uses two spear halves embedded with a hidden gem that grants her unnatural power. The halves can be combined to create a single spear that deals massive damage to her enemies. She is quite confident in her own abilities and is bossy by nature. Despite this, her exceptional charisma can easily persuade her those under her command to fight and die for her.


Extra Ops

First appearing in "United Front the 25th", she encounters an alien that shows her a vision of the future which would lead to ruin. Unwilling to stand by and do nothing, she decides to form a sect to maintain a peaceful future.

She eventually utilizes a rip in space time caused by Ptolemaios to arrive in the present era, where she sees her great-granddaughter and is pleased with the fact that her daughter and granddaughter had carried on her will. Anastasia IV is humbled to see her great-grandmother in person, bowing in respect, though Anastasia I tells her great-granddaughter that it is unnecessary. She demonstrates her power to her great-granddaughter, and following the operation, decides to rejoin the sect as a footsoldier, intending to remain in the current timeline to observe her great-granddaughter, only returning to her own time once she completes her duties.

Alongside her great-granddaughter, she gives Zahara her blessings when she is promoted into the commander of the Guardian Unit. She quickly notices that both Anastasia IV and Zahara are troubled. She helps train Zahara by sending her to battle against the Rebel Army; after the training, her great-granddaughter scolds her, only for Zahara to stand up and begin arguing with her. Anastasia I is pleased at Zahara's new resolve and the subsequent arguing, leaving to train the other believers.


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