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The Arabians are minor enemies from Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X. They are allies of the Rebellion Army.

Arabian soldiers


Arabian Soldier: Fast and dexterous, these Arabians are armed with swords that are used for slashing and throwing at the player. They pull out spare swords from their mouth.


Arabian Fighter: Soldiers armed with swords. They will charge at an enemy and slash at them when in range. Unlike the standard Arabian Soldier, the fighters take multiple hits to be killed.


Camel Rider: Arabian soldiers riding on camelback. They are armed with a sword that is used to deflect the player's bullets and a pistol that is used to fire at the player. The baskets of fruits also seem to double as "armor" for the camel rider. If killed, the rider will fall on the ground the camel will be startled and ran away. In Metal Slug Attack, they use the fruits as their special attack: the camel turns around and launches a wave of fruits. It deals high damage, even if it's just fruits.


Abul Abbas: The commander of the Arabian army. He is armed with a Sword; though he doesn't use it to attack, merely using it to signal his troops. Serves as a background character during the boss fight with The Keesi. If The Keesi is destroyed, he will surrender, meaning he cannot be killed directly by the player. However, in Metal Slug X, if the Iron Nokana MK II is destroyed, and a cannon shot is still on screen when it explodes, it can hit Abul Abbas and kill him.

Elite Arabian Soldier: An elite soldier from the Arabian army exclusive in Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, his sprite is just basically Abul Abbas' sprite but only just repainted. His main method of attacking is by attack the player with a spawning "sword" where a mirrored clone of himself is attacking towards the player.


  • The swords used by the Arabian Soldier and the Arabian Fighter are based on the Scimitar, while the sword used by Abul Abbas is based on the Cutlass.
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