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Arcade Archives is a series of individual arcade ports by Hamster Corporation released for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows 10. ACA Neo Geo is a subset that specializes in Neo Geo MVS conversions.

It is noted that, currently, only the Neo Geo games are available on Xbox One and Windows 10.

List of Released Games

Metal Slug Series

Ikari Warriors

D.A.S. Universe



The player plays the game in its original form with unlimited credits. One can change the game's settings to fit their playstyle or challenge. Audio, display, and button configuration are also available. A save suspend feature is present saving the players progress when returning at a later time.

All Metal Slug ports and In the Hunt are playable in the Japanese and International ROM. The Ikari Warriors games only use the Japanese ROM. Both the Hi-Score and Caravan modes use the International ROM.


The player plays through the entire game under one continue and its default game settings. Pausing at any time forfeits the game and forces the player to start over.


The player is tasked to rack up a large score under five minutes in one continue and its default game settings. Pausing at any time forfeits the game and forces the player to start over. In the Metal Slug ports, the timer starts when Marco (who is automatically selected) is descending from his parachute.

Online Ranking

All three modes feature its own online leader boards separated by top ranking and player rank location.

Posting after completing the final mission differs between games. In Metal Slug 1, Metal Slug 4, and Metal Slug 5, the player publishes one's score after the credits, while in Metal Slug 2/X and Metal Slug 3, it is after the player writes one's initials in the Mission All Over screen.



Setting Description Default
Frame Adds a white frame OFF
Position Moves the display Vertical 0; Horizontal 0
Size Changes the display size Size 160; Ratio 100
Orientation Rotates the display Landscape 0 Degrees
Wallpaper Displays a background ON
Filter 00 Displays the screen filter 00
A1-5 Adds scan lines
B1-5 Adds scrolling lines
Wider Screen Extends the game's view that was originally blocked off OFF

Game Settings

Setting Description Options Default
No of Players Number of lives 1 - 99 3
Continue Allows the player to continue after losing all one's lives YES/NO YES
Difficulty Change the game's difficulty 1 - 8 Level 4
Time Settings Adjust the game's time limit 60/70/80/90 60
Demo Sound Plays sound during the demo YES/NO YES
How to Play Shows or skips the How to Play screen YES/NO YES
Blood Display Red Blood (YES) or White Blood/Sweat (NO) YES/NO YES (Japanese)
NO (International)
Credits/Level Shows or hides the number of credits and/or the game's current difficulty YES/NO YES/YES
Language Changes language for the How to Play screen (International Only) English/Portuguese/ Spanish English

Audio Settings

Setting Description Options Default
Adjust Sound Quality Change sound equalizer OFF/Average/Hi-Range Up/Bass Up OFF
Reverb Function Apply reverb ON/OFF OFF
Change simulated space Type A-C Type A
The Effect Panel Adjust sound settings in real time during the demo ON/OFF OFF

Button Settings

MS1 - MS3

Button Description Has Auto-Fire? Default
A Button Shoot Yes Left Action Button; OFF
B Button Jump No Down Action Button
C Button Bomb/Cannon Yes Up Action Button; OFF
D Button Nothing No Right Action Button
Start Start Game/Continue Right Shoulder Button
Add Credits Add Continues Left Shoulder Button

MS4 and MS5

All Neo Geo face buttons (A, B, C, and D) have autofire functionality; it is disabled by default. Button combinations (e.g. A+B; A+B+C+D) can be placed to a specific controller button. Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 was later updated to use this control setup.

Button Description Default
A Button Shoot Left Action Button; Right Trigger Button
B Button Jump Down Action Button; Left Trigger Button
C Button Bomb/Cannon Up Action Button
D Button Metal Slug AttackNothing (MS1) Right Action Button
Start Start Game/Continue Right Shoulder Button
Add Credits Add Continues Left Shoulder Button


  • The main menu's background color is based on the system: Blue for PS4, Green for Xbox One/Windows 10, and Red for Nintendo Switch.
  • In Metal Slug 4 and Metal Slug 5, having the wide screen setting turned off causes the narrower screen to block part of the Status Screen. The frame also does not compensate for the blank borders on the wider screen.

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