The Astro Slug is a rocket that appeared in Metal Slug 3.


This spaceship was developed by the Rebels after the first invasion attempt by the martians. It is specially designed to fight in space engagements against the Martians. The Astro Slug is only equipped with a semi-automatic cannon, but its true capabilities comes from its ability to equip other weapons during flight; using two pods on each of its sides along with its 12.6mm Vulcans. It will lose a weapon pod if it sustains any damage however. The Rebel Astro also comes equipped with powerful unguided missiles with limited ammo that serve as firepower support. Also, further on the mission while inside the mothership, the Astro Slug can pick up a Vulcan power-up from an enemy which allows it to have 2 blue firing vulcans (like all the other Slugs in this series) that fires in reverse (similar to the SV-001 Type-R in Mission 1). However, like its weapons pods, if the Astro Slug takes any form of hits, it will lose both of its vulcans (like a Slugnoid...). Try not to get hit while using this vehicle in order to fully use its powerhouse abilities longer and to destroy enemies and debris more faster.


  • This is the first Slug to port any available Weapons in the game.
  • If the player(s) both have a special weapon and a vulcan attached to the Astro Slug, it will be the first Slug in the game to use more than just one armament.
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