The Augensterm is one of the vehicles featured on Metal Slug 5 and later appeared in both Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack


This slug was designed to hang on both floor and ceilings. During the Final Mission in Metal Slug 5, in the subway section, players are able to use this Slug and wreck everything in their way with it. The Augensterm is great vehicle for the time the player uses it, as the pilot is situated in a higher position than other Slugs, making it harder for the enemies to score a hit. Its two vulcans works in a similar way as the Slugnoid, firing either at the same target, or at opposite sides. It is also equipped with a harpoon that can pierce through enemy vehicles with ease. Although the harpoon only hits enemies on the right side of the screen (which most of them come from said side anyways). Also, its fairly slow movement makes it susceptible to attacks from bullets and rockets if the player is not careful enough. Unfortunately, the player only gets to use the Augensterm for a relatively short section, ditching it at the end of the tunnel as it is assumed to only be able to move along a ceiling and ground.


  • Originally, the Augensterm was intended to be initially ridden by the Commanders of the Ptolemaic Army, and must be defeated so it could be piloted by the player, but for some reason this ended being unused.
    • Also, when the Commander was using it, it had no Vulcans except for the Harpoon and once being defeated, the Augensterm would be destroyed, but since this was left unused, it is unknown whether there was another Augensterm available or the Slug could be fixed.
    • The Commander riding the Augernsterm does make an appearance in Metal Slug Defense (ver 1.32) and Metal Slug Attack ("Queens Battle" Extra Ops), named as Augernsterm ver. P.M..
  • This is one of the few Regular Army Main Combat Vehicle without using "Slug" on its name.
  • According to the information of Metal Slug Defense, the 4-legged Slug was created by the Regular Army in a secret location and was intended for war. Its name comes from the German word for "pupil".
  • In Metal Slug Defense, this vehicle can be used anywhere, unlike its arcade counterpart than only can used in a tunnel section.
  • In Metal Slug Attack, the Augensterm has the 5th most HP in-game, having an HP count of 26,000.
  • In SNK Playmore's official Facebook fan page, METAL SLUG WORLD, the vehicle is sometimes referred to as "Aogensterm".
  • This vehicle is often referred to by fans as the Spider Slug, due to it multiple leg appearances.


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