The Balor submarine, is the minor enemy in level 2 of Metal Slug Advance.


It is Rebel Army submarine vessel that hanged on crane, Used as stationary weapon. Maybe because fuel shortage. It can attack by dropping Torpedoes to players in arc, It also have one rebel soldier with RPG-2 keep shooting at players.


It appears only once in level 2 of Metal Slug Advance


  • It was reappeared in Metal Slug Defense as stationary unit, When it was deployed, It will drop at closest enemy at the time.
    • Its official name was revealed in the same game.
    • Despite its have Rebel Army symbol on body and rebel soldier controlled it, It was placed in Independent faction.
    • However, it was fixed and now part of Rebel Army faction.

It also appeared in Metal Slug Attack Extra Ops: Tough and Cool as an Obtainable unit.

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