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The Bikers are enemies in the Metal Slug series.


The Bikers are high-speed soldiers. They use a motorbike to reach their destination quickly or attack alongside moving vehicles. They are extremely mobile as they tend to appear in high places even in situations where one wonders how a Biker even got there. Bikers have multiple utilities: they carry another soldier, attack by themselves, or attempt to kamikaze opposing soldiers.

In the Rebel Army, the Bikers are known as the Rebel Army Bike Squad[1].

Biker Variants

Rebel Army

Sidecar Biker: These Bikers have an attached cart to the bike with a trooper carrying a bazooka. The driver keeps driving, though most of the time he stops, and as he does, the bazooka trooper will fire in the direction of the player. Sometimes, the Biker is driving with a standard Rebel.
Fanatic Biker: These Bikers are seen doing a wheelie from their bikes. When they approach close to the player, they will jump from the bike trying to crush the player with their thrown bike. Other Bikers attempt to collide at the player with the resulting collision killing them both.
Missile Biker: These Bikers have a large missile and drive very close to the player. When ready, they'll fire the missile.
Golden Biker: A Sidecar Biker with their motorbike painted gold so they won't get lost in the battlefield. The Rebel Bazooka fires stronger ammo at longer distances.
Alesha: A new face in the Bike Squad. She fights with the Elecriblade (a sword with an electric pole) while driving. Alesha is very adept with her motorbike as she's able to quickly dodge attacks and drive in reverse.

Ptolemaic Army

RocketRider.gif PMRider.gif Rider.gif Special Forces Rider: These Bikers are ridden by PM Special Forces. Their sidecars use rocket turrets instead.
Custom Bike Rider: Special Forces riding a customized red bike. This bike blocks projectiles when thrown, and the driver of said bike runs back to base to ride another one. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Veronica MSA move.gif
Veronica: A young ace of the army's motorized unit. She drives a personalized bike with a cannon on the bike handles and a gun placed at the very front of her bike.


  • The Rebels driving the Bikers have a different skin and suit color that is slightly darker, possibly showing dust or dirt griming all over their body from driving so long. That is until they're outside of their bike; their sprite turns into a normal Rebel soldier.
  • The motorbikes represent old German BMW motorcycles.


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