The Borobune Slug is both a freighter and fishing boat used by the P.F. Squad and the S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S in the first mission of Metal Slug 3.


The Borobune Slug was originally brought to Dr. Moureau's Island by a construction unit of the Regular Army to transport materials and goods. But the unit also hid an SV-001 Type-R in a metal container in the center of the ship. When the mutated crustaceans took over the island, the construction unit fled the place and left the Borobune disguised as a run-down and abandoned ship in order to be used by any other passing by unit of the Regular army.

In Metal Slug 3, the ship can be used by the player as a transportation vehicle if they take the swamp path. The ship will guide them to the area of the boss, but will be frequently stopped by waves of enemies that the player needs to eliminate. The ship can be heavily damaged by enemies, but it will still remain its course no matter the amount. Once the ship and the player reach the boss area, it will be grabbed by its trawl by the Huge Hermit and be subsequently destroyed, but not before the player can access the Type-R and abandon ship.


  • The name Borobune is a mix of the Japanese words for disrepaired (boro | ボロ) and ship (bune | 舟).
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