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The Bull Chan is an enemy in the Metal Slug series. It is a Rebel heavy tank. It is mostly seen falling from hills or waterfalls.


The Bull Chan is a heavy tank specially designed for combat on rugged terrains. Its wide tracks allow it to climb hills with ease, attacking the enemy from above. It is camouflaged, so it is almost invisible to aircraft and satellites, but can be easily spotted by foot soldiers. Its armour is reinforced, making it a tough and durable enemy. They also fall from high places to kill the player, though this is unknown if this was on purpose or an accidental fate. There are some rumors explaining this, that the Bull Chan has some mechanical problems, so they load fewer shells and discard the vehicle when it is out of ammunition.

In Metal Slug, when they fall (by destroying the part they are stepping) the crews exit from the tank and flee.

In Metal Slug X, two of those tanks can be seen on the wings of The Keesi that serves as a mid-boss.

In Metal Slug 3, they are found underwater and wrecked with prisoners inside. Occasionally mines would float off from the wreckage.

In Metal Slug 7 and XX they fall from the waterfalls.

In Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, they can seen on top of The Keesi like in Metal Slug X. They are also used by Growth & Cline, the latter carrying the Bull Chan out of nowhere.


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