Caroline (nicknamed Mechageek) is a new character introduced by Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

A young mechanic within the Ptolemaic Army. She dresses in a manner similar to Dragunov, with the addition of a scarf alongside her engineering gloves and goggles. She first appeared to help Yoshino during MSA's Flying Ace event.

In battle she is accompanied by the "F-502 ShootingRay", a scale model of an aerial Ptolemaic boss encountered by the Regular Army commandos during Metal Slug 5. The smaller ShootingRay is remote controlled, and she directs its attacks using a remote that looks suspiciously like a NeoGeo Pocket.

Caroline is teasingly referred to as "the Mechageek" by Yoshino, though she doesn't seem to mind.

She's often a troublemaker, as Dragunov finds it rather hard to babysit her because of her admiration of machines and her determination to get them. She does have some influence in the army, as she managed to convince her to spare Towa because of her similar mechanic skills.


Extra Ops

Caroline first appears in the Extra Ops "Flying Ace", where she helps Yoshino in defeating a Dark Monoeye.

She later appears in the Extra Ops "No Limit", where she tests out her new Augenstern and wounds Allen O'Neil. When Destrade comes to attack, she is unable to defend herself and is left at her mercy. Yoshino arrives and saves her, though she has Dragunov discipline her for disobeying orders.

Then she makes another appearance in the Extra Ops "Eternal Way", where she helps Towa on a mission. Upon returning, she gets in trouble again and is dragged by Yoshino for disciplinary action.

In "Hot Trap", she and Towa, having joined Dragunov's Rebellion, try to raid an underground Rebel base, this time on behalf of the Rebellion, but they get cornered by Dion. Deploying a Shooting Ray, she managed to help Towa and a few other prisoners escape, but was captured by Dion.

In "Escape Plan", Caroline is being forced to make weapons for the Rebel Army. After completing a version of the Flying Jupiter King, she finds the Rebel researchers around her collapsed from exhaustion, being unable to keep up with the grueling race she put herself though. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Caroline boards the Sky Jupiter Queen and heads back to the Ptolomaic Rebellion forces. Unfortunately, she was attacked by Agalia and Vatn, who detected that the Sky Queen was powered by energy taken from Vampires. The Sky Jupiter Queen was wrecked, but Caroline managed to get rescued by Dragunov.

Another Story

Caroline first appears in Another Story in "Scrap Life", where she helps Yoshino and Dragunov acquire the Big Shiee. She brings Dragunov to safety when Allen O'Neil manages to wound her, and despite the failed mission, she reveals the ShootingRay to them when they return to base.

In the story "The Dream of the Prodigious Mechanic", Caroline disobeys orders and yells back at Dragunov. When she realizes what she had done, she runs off. Yoshino and Dragunov apologize and assist her in acquiring the Crablops. She agrees to a one-month layoff imposed by Dragunov, but finds herself unable to complete it.

In the story "Cloak of Darkness", she and Towa go on a mission to acquire the Tani Oh. During the mission, she encounters her first ninja apart from Yoshino, and manages to acquire the Tani Oh for the Ptolemaic Army.

During Halloween, Aswang persuades Caroline, Percier and MS-Alice to help her bring Vatn. Caroline is the first to confront Vatn, but is easily defeated and soon accompanies him after revealing why she wanted to help Aswang. She later battles Percier and defeats her. When the group confronts Aswang, Vatn overpowers her and attempts to finish her off, but Caroline steps in, stating that Aswang has changed and reminds them of their friendship. Vatn reluctantly allows Aswang to leave.

Caroline later shows an interest in the Sergeant Drill and asks Yoshino and Dragunov to accompany her. She helps them infiltrate by sending ShootingRays to confuse the enemy. The three later run into Allen O'Neil and Destrade, the latter of which is eager to get revenge after the events of "No Limit". Yoshino tells the mechanic to support Dragunov, who is struggling to deal with the Sergeant Drill. Caroline assists by getting into the machine and dismantles the engine, forcing Allen to confront all three himself. However, he is forced to leave when Morden conducts an emergency meeting, and Caroline is complimented by Dragunov for her assistance. She later joins in the rebellion against Ptolemaios and Mira.


  • In both forms, if the machine Caroline is using is destroyed, she will get angry and "rage quit", leaving the battlefield.
  • Despite her nickname given by Yoshino, none of the Extra Ops and Another Story dialogue has Caroline referred by it.



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