Initially there was only four notable characters in the first game (Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, General Donald Morden and Allen O'Neil). Later games feature new characters; some of them come from other SNK games.

Here is a concise list of the notable characters in the series.

Characters from Metal Slug Attack can be found here.


Sprite Character Debut
Marco Rossi: A Major of the P.F. Squad.
Tarma Roving: A Captain of the P.F. Squad, and a good friend of Marco.
Eri Kasamoto: A Sergeant of the S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S.
Fio Germi: A Major Sergeant of the S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S.
Trevor Spacey: A Sergeant of the P.F. Squad.
Nadia Cassel: A Private of the S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S.
Ralf Jones: A Colonel of the Ikari Mercenaries Squad.
Clark Still: A Major of the Ikari Mercenaries Squad.
Leona Heidern: A member of the Ikari Mercenaries Squad.
Walter Ryan: A cadet of the P.F. Squad.
Tyra Elson: A cadet of the P.F. Squad.
Roberto Nicola: A member of the P.F. Squad.
Nathalie Neo: A soldier of the Regular Army.
Alisa Stewart: An Engineer of the Regular Army.
MS1M Heroes.png
Hero: Unnamed soldiers of the Regular Army.
Gimlet: A member of the P.F. Squad.
Red Eye: A member of the S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S.
Tequila: An agent of the Regular Army.

Support Characters

Sprite Character Debut
Hyokutaro Ichimonji by multimate pnd.gif
Hyakutaro Ichimonji: A POW that can fire energy balls from his hands. He is a Second Lieutenant of the Regular Army.
Rumi Aikawa: A Sergeant of the Regular Army.
Madoka Aikawa: Rumi's elder sister and a Private of the Regular Army.
Monkey 03.gif
Utan: A specialized orangutan that uses an Uzi. He is a mascot of the Regular Army.


Sprite Character Debut
General morden.gif
Donald Morden: The main antagonist of the series. He is the leader of the Rebel Army.
Allen O'Neil: An immortal Elite Soldier of the Rebel Army. He is famous for appearing in successive games despite apparently being killed in each game he appears.
Abul Abbas: Leader of the Arabian Infantry and affiliated to the Rebel Army.
Rootmars: The leader of the Martians which are occasionally affiliated to the Rebel Army.
Doctor: Scientist leader of the Amadeus Syndicate and affiliated to the Rebel Army.
Ptolemaios: Leader of the Ptolemaic Army. Originally supposed to debut in Metal Slug 5.
Schyte slash.gif
Avatar of Evil: A demon-like entity that came to Earth and is the presumed leader of the Ptolemaic Army.
Invader Leader Cocoon.gif
Invader King: The leader of the Invaders.
Allen Jr.: The son of Allen O'Neil. He is a Spy and an Elite Soldier of the Rebel Army.
Oguma: Leader of the Oguma Corporation and affiliated to the Rebel Army.
Lt. Colonel Macba: The Lieutenant-Colonel of the PHANTOM Squad of the Rebel Army.
Hilde Garn: Colonel and Commander of the PHANTOM Squad of the Rebel Army.
Lt. Wired: Second-in-command of the Rebel Army's PHANTOM Squad.
Kanan: Commander of the PHANTOM Squad.
Unknown Alien: An alien lifeform that came to Earth and made a nest. It's unknown where it came from.

Other Characters

Game represents their first appearance.

Combat School Instructors:


Pachinko Characters:

Mobile Characters:

Unused Characters:

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