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Civilian Vehicles are cars or trucks which are non-attack units, serving more as environmental objects. They appear in Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X and Metal Slug 4.


These vehicles can always be seen on levels which the background is a city. When destroyed, they are thrown into the air by the explosion and fall back to the street, causing another explosion which kills anyone who is near it.



Sedan: Based off the Checker MarathonFord Custom 300 4-door.


Wagon: Based off the Ford LTD Country Squire.


Taxi: Based off the Checker Taxi.


Tiaf660: Based off the Fiat 500. Later reutilized by the Regular Army as the Slug Mobile.


"Hog" Truck : Based off 1972 Ford F-350 delivery truck. If the player destroys it, meat will fly out from the truck, granting them extra points if collected.

S-Line Car.gif

"S-Line" Truck: The same as the "Hog" Truck, only with animals inside it instead of meat.


Mini-pickup: Also known as the MG-36, it is based off a Daihatsu Midget .