Cleopatra is a new unit introduced in Metal Slug Attack, debuting in the Extra Ops "Pharaoh Rebirth"

Character Summary

A Royal Mummy Cat that serves the Pharaoh, Cleopatra has an elevated position compared to most of the Pharaoh's warriors and servants. She has her own sect, with her followers being the Lovely Mummies (who have red skin, while the Mummy Cats have blue). It is unknown how many servants she has, but she has two that loyally follow her as comedic relief.

Outside her duties, Cleopatra is somewhat carefree, with a somewhat sharp tongue. In her first story, she learns of the "sins" her servants have done (visiting the nearby towns without permission), and believes that time travelling is a sin if it is just for the trill. She even gets conned by a con man after he gives her a sob story. However, she takes her duties to the Pharaoh seriously and will do anything for his benefit.

She also has a sister called Arsinoe.


Extra Ops

First appearing in the Extra Ops "Pharaoh Rebirth", she is informed by a Lovely Mummy that the Pharaoh is on a rampage. When Scotia battles the Tyrant Pharaoh, Cleopatra appears before her master and manages to calm him down.

She later appears in "Advance of Fire" where she battles Grazia, Destrade and Beatriz as they were sent to reclaim the energy she stole from the Union. They are successful in doing so, but Cleopatra allows them to leave as long as they don't disturb the ruins.

Another Story

Cleopatra appears in the story "Cleopatra's Pleasure Tour", where she wakes up from her 500-year slumber, and learns of the Pharaoh's recent awakening and slumber. With the assistance of her servants, they go on a comical journey to help collect energy to hasten the Pharaoh's awakening.

She later makes an appearance in "Arabian Romance", where she finds Aisha's spirit in one of her Lovely Mummies. Upon learning of Aisha's troubles, she helps her and shows her what romance is truly like by explaining her relationship to the Pharaoh. Upon learning the Pharaoh is on a rampage, she heads out to confront him with Aisha and her other servant. When they defeat him and his accompanying Mummy Cats, Cleopatra and the Pharaoh comment on how long they've missed each other and go into a deep slumber, promising to spoil their servants when they reawaken.




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