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The Coil Tank is a Regular Army vehicle introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


The Coil Tank is a multi-wheeled vehicle with a battery on its back, various coils on its sides, and a core at the front. The battery provides electrical power to the coils.

The frontal core releases a large stream of electricity. The coils can be launched and be embedded at the ground. It then electrifies the surrounding floor and unleashes an upwards surge. The battery also gives protection against stun-based attacks by healing itself instead.

Although the Regular Army has a vast assortment of Coil Tanks, the one seen in Metal Slug Attack is the largest one from the army. Jephet pilots this Coil Tank.

The unmanned version has some changes compared with the original version. The Coil Slug's core fire out electric bullets, while the coils when they are launched and be embedded to the ground, its electric shocks have more durable time limit than the original version. Units hit by any electric shock lose the abbility of activate special attacks.

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