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Conny is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

A war orphan, Conny grew up with the Rebel Army after being abandoned by her mother. As a result, she harbors an intense hatred of bonds and likes to watch others suffer. Conny is also a kleptomaniac, having to scavenge to survive in the past. She has an unusually strong will to survive, being able to dodge death no matter how severe it could be.

Upon joining the Rebel Army, Abigail transferred her to Allen Platoon. She is Destrade's weight training partner.


Extra Ops

First appearing "On the Bad Road" Extra Ops, Conny is introduced to Destrade and engages in a training match with her. Conny attempts to plunge a dagger onto Destrade's neck, which Destrade is impressed with, but reveals she is so strong it has no effect on her. Despite being caught off-guard and thrown, she refuses to give up.

Conny later accompanies Allen Platoon when they are attacked by Caroline and Towa's Spiral Nokana. Conny recognizes the plating of the Nokana and realized Caroline survived her bomb. Caroline in turn recognizes Conny as a thief and tries to persuade her to stop stealing before she retreats with Towa. Due to being a kleptomaniac, Conny decides to scavenge a few pieces for her own use, but is caught off-guard when the Nokana explodes on her. She survives the blast, but is knocked out and relives her nightmare. Destrade and Huracan find Conny, the former believing a "serious talk" is required regarding her "hobby" and waits for her to wake up from her nightmare.

She is later seen with Destrade and Huracan while inspecting their newest recruit Nantes. As they catch up to Allen, Destrade has Nantes fire her tank at full power on the battlefield, which Conny realizes that they will also be caught in the explosion. Due to sheer luck, Conny manages to survive, though she's knocked unconscious from the blast.

After further retraining, she is later sent to a Rebel facility after it is attacked by Invaders, where she begrudgingly assists in defending it upon being ordered to by one of the personnel.


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