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The Crab-Tank is an enemy in the Metal Slug series.


The Crab-Tank attacks by firing blue energy bolts from the cannons on the top of its head. It can also open the top of its head and shoot a bubble which bounces around and separates into three smaller bubbles, allowing it to cover a large area in front of it.


Its first appearance is in mission 3 after the character obtains the Zantetsu Sword and goes down the two boxes containing a Drop Shot and Iron Lizard. It will also appear various times in the final mission.


Crabtank-idle.gif Crab Tank: The original version.
Great • Crab-Tank: A variant of the Crab-Tank that accompanied the Great Mother during her visit to Earth. It is much more durable than its predecessor and its attacks are incendiary. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Venom • Crab-Tank: A variant of the Crab-Tank that accompanied the Blobsphere during her visit to Earth. It is much more durable than its predecessors, it can jump for dodge enmies attacks and its attacks are poisonous. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


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