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Crablops is both the second and third boss from Metal Slug 7/XX.


The first time the Crablops is fought in Mission 2, it will use four types of attacks. The first is launching homing rockets, the second is grabbing a rock pillar with its claws and then smashing it on the track, the third is shooting a laser from its eye and the last one is launching two launch pads that deploy Metal Moles. These launch pads are placed on the left and right hand sides of the screen, which will block the player in. The player has to destroy the launch pad on the right side in order to escape or be crushed by the screen's left side. 

In this battle, the weak point is surprisingly not the eye but the claws. The lower section of the rail track will provide the player with constant Missile Carts which, when hit, will launch handy missiles that will fly up and hit the Crablops. During the second phase of the fight, when he is heavily damaged, the rockets are able to stun it for a few seconds. Assuming it has survived, the player can use the Slug Trolley to help out.

In Mission 3, the Crablops falls down and separates into two sections. The bottom section has it constantly spawning and shooting Metal Moles while Rebel Bazooka Soldiers resides on top. When it has taken enough damage, a turret rises up where the Rebel used to be and starts firing one shot attacks and continuous arching shots. Reaching the lift with the Rebel on board instantly kills the Rebel and goes into its second phase.

Meanwhile, the Crablops head is more difficult to fight than the first battle with it, as it will still attack with rock pillars, and its laser beam is replaced with multiple fireballs, swinging plasma balls, and exploding maggots. Destroying the claws drops a Laser Gun crate for the right claw and a Heavy Machine Gun for the left claw.

Once the player reaches the lift and either the Crablops head or bottom half is destroyed, new attacks come into play:

  • If the Crablops' legs survives, it will use a jet boost to hover over the player and continue to use its attacks, except its arc shots turn into Drop Shots that bounce from the slope. In addition, its jet booster can deploy an incineration attack, similar to the one used by the The Keesi II, which the player must run to the right in order to avoid it.
  • If the Crablops' head survives, it continues to follow the player from above and use its attacks barring the stone drop. Should both claws be destroyed, the head will also attempt to crush the player by falling onto the lift and spew a barrage of fireballs from its dome.

In Metal Slug 7, a Slug Armor inside of a Super Vehicle Crate resides at the battle arena. It is swapped with the Slugnoid in Metal Slug XX.

In Other Games

Metal Slug Defense

The Crablops appears as a playable unit with its official name revealed. It's body is much larger than it is in Metal Slug 7. The launchers that spawn Metal Moles self destruct after spawning three each.

In the 1.37.0 patch, the legs of the Crablops was released as a separate unit. The legs have a special attack where it is able to attack the enemy with its jet engine similar to the The Keesi II.

Metal Slug Attack

Both the Crablops and the Crablops Type-Lower return in this game alongside new variants. The Crablops is the Sunday-Monday boss in the Attack! mode. Notably, the AP for the original Crablops has increased.


Crablops: The original, giant, one-eye, crab-shaped robot.

Crablops Type-Lower: The Crablops' lower body that has its own attacks.

Crablops Type-F: Revised version from the Future Rebels. Able to shoot multiple laser beams from its eye that can stun enemies. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.

Crablops Type-F Lower: Revised version from the Future Rebels. it's been modified ever so slightly - the normal cannon shots are replaced with energy blasts.. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.



  • Crablops's name is combination of the words "Crab" and "Cyclops".
  • This is so far the only boss that appears in two different missions rather than one. This is unlike Shoe and Karn who were reduced to mini-bosses in later missions/games.
  • Before its official name was revealed in Metal Slug Defense, fans usually referred to it as the "Crab Mecha".
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