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The Cyclobster is a monstrous mutant jellyfish, exclusive to Metal Slug Attack. It first made its debut on the game's event titled 'Try Line 5th', where the boss can also become a playable unit.


A new type of giant mutant weapon discovered by the Ptolemaic Army. It seems likely that it evolved from a mutant weapon discarded by the Rebel Army. With strength beyond any known creature, it destroys everything it sees with its huge and mighty tentacles.

~Metal Slug Attack in-game description.


In Metal Slug Attack's event, This boss is fought at the last stage. It uses its barbed oral tentacles to attack the player's units with its oral tentacles. The player also must be cautious as its attacks are capable of stunning the player's units.

The special attack of the boss lets it fly up out of the map before it subjects an area with flurries of stabs with its large tentacles (duration extended with MSA Skill small +.png 4). The boss invulnerable and immune to attacks for the entire duration of the special attack, and to add insult to the injury: This attack cannot be baited at all by any means.

Once done with its special attack, it will return to the nearest unit that went past over it while performing its special attack. The player must use his/her units' disables otherwise the boss will wreak havoc.


Cyclobster MSA idle.gif Cyclobster: The original version.
Sol De Cyclo: A Cyclobster further mutated after attempting to absorb the energy of a unknown entity. Now mutated green, it exchanges its melee attacks for ranged ones such as spawning larvae and glowing its eye to emit numerous energy projectiles.
Golden Cyclo: A Cyclobster further mutated after attempting to absorb an unknown substance. Now mutated gold, its melee attacks backs like the original version, it attacks with it barber oral tentacle, and fly up out of the map before it subjects an area making two stabs with its large tentacles using energy power.



  • The boss has several unused sprites in its sheet. It includes a glowing eye similar to the Sol Dae Rokker which was later used for Sol de Cyclo.
  • Its name is derived from the words "Cyclops", a one-eyed Greek mythological giants and a "Lobster", a type of crustacean.
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