Dai Manji The Dai-Manji is the second to last boss from Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X. Three Dai-Manjis appear in Metal Slug 3, first as tank-level enemies, and then as a sub-boss. It also appears as the final boss in Metal Slug Mobile 3.


The Dai-Manji is much larger than the Mini-UFOs and boasts significantly more armor and firepower. From its bottom hatch, it can send Mini-UFOs (or their elite variants when its nearly destroyed) or fires a deadly beam of electricity at its target. Once its nearly destroyed, it can also launch energy bolts to carpet an area, much like the Hi-Do.

After sustaining enough damage, it will attach itself to the Martian Mothership, Rugname, which increases its lethality even further.


  • This large UFO seems to act as a sort of commanding vessel/carrier, fielding smaller UFO to the battle as well as ferrying important personnel and prisoners. In addition to its powerful weaponry, it also features a tractor beam for picking up personnel (and abducting prisoners).
  • In Metal Slug 3, there were three more Dai-Manjis. The first two were fought as mere tank-level enemies, and the final one attached itself to the main cruiser as a throwback to the previous game.
  • A Dai-Manji is about 25 times bigger than a Mini-UFO, 16 times bigger than a UFO, and 176 times smaller than the Rugname.
  • In the credits of Metal Slug 7/XX, if you keep watching, you'll see a cameo of a Dai-Manji and 2 Mini-UFOs when Morden and 2 soldiers fall down when missiles hit the ropes of Morden and the 2 soldiers, when they land on the top of the Dai-Manji.
  • The three Dai-Manji's encountered in Metal Slug 3 have lower armor than in Metal Slug 2/X. It is because in Metal Slug 3, Dai-manji is treated as a normal enemy instead of mid-boss.
  • In Metal Slug Defense, the Dai-Manji unit was introduced in update 1.23.0, where it was obtainable from the boss stage via the 'Event' button by freeing Donald Morden as a prisoner. It has its electric shot (with greatly decreased horizontal range) as its regular attack and the energy bombs as its special attack. It costs 700AP to summon, and originally boasted 17,500 HP at level 30. As of update 1.25.0, the event stage is no longer available, but Dai-Manji's HP has been increased to 20,000.
  • In Metal Slug Attack, the Dai-Manji has a new Suicide Attack called "Big Boom" when it reach 4 Stars. If Dai-Manji gets destroyed, Dai-Manji will crash land on anything below and explode, similar to the MH-6S Masknell, Subway, etc.
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