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The Dararin Dara Dara is a support vehicle of the Rebel Army.


The Dararin Dara Dara is an engineering vehicle variant of a Girida-O which is designed to assist construction by carrying materials. In combat, the Dararin drops the girders on incoming troops under them to try to kill or block their way. It only appears twice in the final mission of Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 during the bridge and boat section respectively.

In Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, once the Dararin has dropped its materials as a main attack, it reloads its materials by catching falling materials from the sky. The falling girders can cause damage to the enemy's air unit. Unlike in the main game, the Dararin will keep moving in reverse towards enemy lines even without the materials on its back.


  • Dararin Dara Dara: The original construction vehicle. In Metal Slug Attack, it can stop and gently drop its girders to create a makeshift wall.
  • Dararin Dara Dara Mk II: A more improved and durable variant painted dark gray introduced in the "Rider's High" Extra Ops. Dararin Mk II now shoots the girders directly on the enemies twice on its special attack rather than dropping them. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
  • Derorin Dero Dero: The new improved and durable variant painted purple introduced in the "Portless Communication" Extra Ops. It was developed based on the previous enhancements of the Dararin Dara Dara, and also, its mobility has been greatly improved. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


  • Dararin Dara Dara is based on the American Armored Recover vehicle M88 Hercules. The M88 Hercules itself are modified M60 Patton, of which the original Girida-O is based on. Dararin's chassis with bulldozer blade also appears like T-55 BZ, a Czechoslovakian engineering vehicle variant of the Soviet T-55 main battle tank.
  • Destroying the ramp where Dararin was placed on will make it fall like a Bull Chan with a unique sprite angle.
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