The Dararin Dara Dara is a modified Girida-O used to carry building materials by the Rebel Army.


The Dararin is a vehicle designed to assist construction by carrying materials. Their chassis is reminiscent of the Girida-O. In combat, they can drop their items on incoming troops under them to try to kill or block their way. They only appear in mission 6, during the boat section.


  • They are based on the American Armored Recover vehicle M88 Hercules. The M88 Hercules itself are modified M60 Patton , of which the original Girida-O is based on.
  • When you destroy the ramp where Dararin was placed on, its will fall like Bull Chan.
  • In Metal Slug Defense, when the Dararin has already dropped its materials as a main attack, it reloads its materials by accepting falling materials from the sky.
    • The Materials that drops from sky can cause damage to the enemy's air unit.
  • It also appears in Metal Slug Attack as a reward during the Extra Ops called Rider's High. Unlike in its Metal Slug Defense incarnation, the Dararin can now use its materials as a wall, by dropping it facing vertically in the front of enemies.
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