M26 MS2ndM

Decoy Strategy is the twenty-sixth mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Only Gimlet can access this mission.

Mission Synopsis

M26B MS2ndM

Gimlet is tasked to lure Rebels to a specified location for bombing. In this mission, Gimlet fights in three rooms each filled with Rebels and a turret that he can use. After all rooms are cleared, the bombing starts, and Gimlet has to survive the falling bombs, Rebels, and the fire for a certain moment of time. Eventually, the bombing stops, and an entrance on the second room appears leading to the fight with Lt. Wired.

Pre-mission Calls


From Mission 23: Sorry, I've lost Proto 2! Seems's I'm lost on a weapon field now. Can you confirm?

From Mission 25: Evac complete. It seems that I'm lost in a firing range. Can you confirm?

Confirmed. It's a designated bombing target. Draw the enemy to the area until bombing begins.
I'm a decoy! Drat! Hoisted on my own petard!
It's unconfirmed, but Phantom's second in command, Lt. Wired, is near your position. Exercise caution!


Completing this mission proceeds to Mission 27 (The Desert).