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The Denturion is a massive tank used by the Rebel Army. It first made its debut as the Huge Hermit's shell in Metal Slug 3. Its complete form made its Metal Slug Attack appearance with Naomi, its name revealed during "Try Line 17th".


The first Denturion seen in the series was a hollowed out husk of a vehicle the Huge Hermit was given as a shell to inhabit. Despite its decrepit, waterlogged status, the Denturion's turrets and cannon still functioned, and the Huge Hermit (somehow) was able to operate it.

A functional tank and proper name for the vehicle was not seen or issued until Metal Slug Attack. It is carried by two small blimps to the side, as the Denturion's substructure is not completed for ground travel, despite having a massive tank base. It simply advances towards the enemy without any regard to its surroundings. It constantly fires shots from its main cannon.

When destroyed, the air balloons snap off, causing the Denturion to rise briefly before crashing down, squishing nearby enemies with its mass. It then proceeds to fire shots from its secondary cannons before exploding.


Hermit tank.png Denturion: The original variant.
DenturionFly.gif Airborne Denturion: Another variant of the Denturion. Similar to the original except the tracks are active, it has a crew of two Rebel soldiers (who fire poisonous bazooka shots). It can take a significant amount of punishment and primarily uses its secondary cannons to attack, rather than the main cannon. Shots fired from the main cannon are also incendiary.
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