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The Di-Cokka is an enemy vehicle in the Metal Slug series. It is one of the Rebel Army's main tanks, being used in tough fights.


The Di-Cokka's main weapon is a short-barreled cannon capable of rapid fire, but the turret is not usually seen rotating. This tank was mass-produced by the Rebel Army due to its low production cost, thus is seen the most in the battlefield.

A characteristic of the Di-Cokka is the presence of a driver. When destroyed, a Rebel comes out of a hatch with a rocket launcher, takes a single shot, and then flees. A player can shoot the Rebel before they can do anything. Once the Rebel is gone, the Di-Cokka fully destructs.

In Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001, using a grenade as the finishing shot instantly dismantles the Di-Cokka, killing the driver inside.

Di cokka.jpg

Upgrades & variants

Di-Cokka: The original model with all-around stats, and the most commonly found variant. In Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, its color is the same as Morden's Di-Cokka.
Di-Cokka MK II / Di-Cokka (Amadeus): A variant of Di-Cokka with higher rate of fire, first appearing in the fourth mission of the original game. Just like the standard model in movement speed, except it fires quicker and has upgraded armor. In Metal Slug Attack, this variant of the Di-Cokka is operated by the Amadeus Syndicate.
Future Di-Cokka: The Future Rebels brought with them an advanced version of the Di-Cokka, which has better shielding (double that of a regular one) and fires an energy blast instead of a shell. It is painted tinged-blue.
Morden's Di-Cokka: This variant, ridden by Morden, does not really attack and is always invincible when seen attacking (or being attacked by) Invaders. It also appears in Metal Slug 7/XX when the players are destroying the Big Gate. This version of the Di-Cokka also appears in several of the mobile games series. It also appeared in Metal Slug Defense as a gift for the 23 million download event. In MSD, this variant is the toughest version.
Di-Cokka Ver. P.M: The Ptolemaic version of the Di-Cokka is faster and has an upgraded rate of fire, firing without needing to charge like the original model does. Unlike the other variants, its driver does not climb out of the vehicle when it is destroyed, which indicates that it is either unmanned or the driver is killed inside.
Di cokka (morado).gif
Di-Cokka (Zombie Army): This version of the Di-Cokka fires flashing rockets.
Di-Cokka MK II: An upgraded version of the Di-Cokka. It fires more shells than the original, is faster and has more armor. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Di-Cokka (P.F.): A Metal Slug Attack-exclusive upgraded version of the Di-Cokka, which serves as Nikita's personal vehicle. Apart from a double cannon, it is also equipped with a "Solanoid" cannon which is a mini-version of the Tani Oh's Andro Cannon. Unlike the Rebel variants which collapse, this Di-Cokka is rigged to explode when critically damaged.
MSA Golden Di-Cokka.gif
Golden Di-Cokka: Another upgraded version of the Di-Cokka, now painted gold. It fires even more shots than the previous versions, and also rams itself into the nearest target upon being critically damaged. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Di-Cokka P.F (Halloween): A Halloween-themed variant of the Regular Army Di-Cokka that fires from a pumpkin-themed cannon. It is far more durable than the original P.F Di-Cokka but in exchange of less firepower. Once again, it is ridden by Nikita, except she sports a zombie costume.
Regular Army Di-Cokka: A mass-produced version of Nikita's Di-Cokka, except it fires single shots that cover much more range than any of its previous variants. Like Nikita's Di-Cokka, it is also rigged to explode into enemy positions when critically damaged.
MSA Space Di-Cokka PM.gif
Space Di-Cokka: A enhanced Ptolemaic version of the Ptolemaic Di-Cokka, this Di-Cokka has Invader-like attributes. Attacks inflicted on this Di-Cokka are weakened. A mechanic is also part of the crew to repair the tank back into working action if critically damaged.
MSA Special Nikita.gif
Di-Cokka P.F (Special): A special version of the Regular Army Di-Cokka, which is equipped with engines that cause it to accelerate towards the nearest enemy unit before a massive blast from its Solanoid cannon sends it careening back. Once again, it is ridden by Nikita.
MSA Robo Di-Cokka.gif
Robotic Di-Cokka: A variant of the Rebel Army Di-Cokka summoned by Morden. The tank is fully automated, with a Morden Robot placed on top of the tank where the hatch would be. Its arms are replaced with cannons that fire shots at the enemy. When the tank is critically damaged, it rams itself onto enemy units and explodes.


Another variant of the Di-Cokka (or M-15A) was planned for Metal Slug 5, as seen on the arcade flyer. Its main cannon was replaced by a laser cannon of some sort. The color of the turret isn't 100% accurate.

  • The Di-Cokka's design is based on the American M4 Sherman, produced during World War II. It also bears some resemblance to the Howitzer Motor Carriage M8. Its armament is reminiscent of fast-loading, short barrel 75 mm guns, either the German 7.5 cm KwK 37 mounted on early Panzer IV models or the American 75 mm M2/M3 Howitzer mounted on the M8 models.
  • The first early concept of the Di-Cokka has a resemblance to the M3 Lee used in WWII [1]. The second early concept had an unusual, futuristic design with two sets of treads (two small ones at the front, and two larger ones at the rear), along with a second lower cannon. These would indicate that the Di-Cokka was originally to be armed with two cannons, much like the KT-21 (an even earlier model).
  • The Ptolemaic version of the Di-Cokka somewhat resembles the M4A3E8 "Fury".
  • The number 88, on the side of the tank possibly refers to skinhead language, where 88 means 'Heil Hitler' (H being the 8th letter in the alphabet). This could be a reference to the resemblance between General Morden's army and the 3rd Reich in Germany during WW2.
  • While the Di-Cokka's turret is not seen rotating on its own, one of the cutscenes for Metal Slug 3D, where Allen O'Neil commands a massive legion of Di-Cokkas against a Regular Army base in a desert, some of the tanks are seen with their turrets rotating.
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