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Dolores is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

Like Vicky, Dolores pilots a customized Nop-03 Sarubia, though hers is based on the Ptolemaic variant of the Sarubia. Despite this, she adores her Sarubia because of the beautiful flowers that it generates during battle. During Halloween, she customized her Sarubia to the appropriately themed colors, and sticking to the theme she had the flowers replaced by pumpkins.

Dolores is a panther due to her mistrust of younger men. She admires older men because they show her the respect she feels that she deserves. She sees Abigail as a rival due to the attention Morden gives her.


Extra Ops

First appearing in "Great Flower", she is tasked with Julia in halting a Regular Army offensive. Julia learns about Dolores' beginnings in the army, where she was made fun of by younger, incompetent soldiers who believed she was just showing off in battle. Morden personally spoke with her, complimenting the flowers she created in battle and expected to see promising results in upcoming battles, which made her devoted to him. Ralf soon arrives on his Augensterm and challenges Dolores to a fight. While he loses, he exclaims that he will defeat her one-day, to which states that she'll keep defeating him each time.

She is later tasked with Beatriz and Vicky in killing Geweih Metzelei, though the Invader proves to be stronger than usual. She is not seen afterwards, but she survives the battle.

Following a United Front operation against the Ptolemaic Army, Dolores is seen lamenting the fact that she hasn't seen Morden in a while because of Abigail. Beatriz asks her to pipe down and not make her sister the target of her jealousy. Dolores asks Beatriz when the last time she personally saw Abigail, which she states that it's been two weeks since she last saw her. Dolores, knowing that Morden and Abigail don't usually arrive in person outside of a major operation or event, then has the idea to come up with a Halloween party, as it will catch their attention. Beatriz helps Dolores set up the party, realizing the goodwill behind her intentions.

As the party begins, a bodyguard informs the two that the train carrying desserts was attacked by the Regular Army; the soldiers responsible for transporting were scared, as Dolores would freeze them if they failed her. Despite the setback, Shizuka is able to resolve the situation and brings the perpetrator, MS-Alice, to the party. As a reward for planning the party, Morden decides to give her a vacation for her efforts.



  • Her customized Sarubia bears a resemblance to the Fanner, a class of virus that appears as enemies in Mega Man Battle Network.
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