The Donkey Slug is an animal slug that appears in the 2nd level of Metal Slug 6.


Following the slug animal way, this vehicle consists of a donkey with two Vulcan Cannons and an extra weapon feature. Like the Elephant Slug where you can take chili or battery a short distance from you dig up the Elephant, it's the same with Donkey Slug. Shortly after acquiring the Donkey Slug you'll find a strange type of wagon with a cannon mounted on the top that has the same function of the cannon of SV-001. Without this accessory you can only throw your normal grenades.

In Metal Slug Defense, the Donkey Slug is an extremely reliable unit with good all-around stats. Where it really shines is acting as a shield for your more fragile shooting units, as it has an unusually large hit box for its low cost, while the arc of its cannon is able to fire over the vanguard of the enemy to strike at their ranged units.


  • In Metal Slug Defense and Attack this is the only Slug that uses Metal Slug 6's vulcan sound effect
  • It appears in Metal Slug Attack as a reward for short ranking battle, the higher the player's rank is, the more parts can be obtained
    • When all skills are unlocked, the special attack is upgraded to shoot its vulcan randomly, while shooting its cannon 4 times at once

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