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The Dragon Nosuke is the third boss in Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X.


The Dragon Nosuke is a quadruped tank, designed to protect the Rebel Supply Train with its gatling gun and flamethrower. The tank is also equipped with hydraulics within its legs, allowing it to crouch - crushing anyone or anything that happens to be beneath it.


The players fight the tank upon a speeding train, which it straddles while itself moving at high speed. This boss resembles a spider, working like the Iron Nokana in most ways. The main weapon is the gatling gun mounted at the front, which can target much of the area in front of it. Like the Nokana, the Nosuke's underside can deploy a heavy flamethrower, so the player shouldn't get too close. Sometimes the Dragon Nosuke uses its hydraulics to sit down on the train, squashing any players hiding beneath it. It can furthermore shoot balls of flame from a top cannon, in addition to launching rotor-equipped homing bombs.

Note: Slug Flyer (and, in X, the Gold Metal Slug) will be provided to the player shortly before the boss fight. However, only one vehicle may be brought against the Nosuke unless two players are present. If a vehicle is used, the boss will fire its minigun faster and more frequently, also shooting fireballs and homing bombs more often.


Doragonnosuke.gif Dragon Nosuke: The original version.
Dragon Nosuke+ MSA idle.gif Dragon Nosuke+: A modified version of the Dragon Nosuke, with its hydraulic legs being significantly lowered. The only change from the original is that wheels have been added to the legs to increase its mobility and overall usage outside of railroads.
Golden Nosuke: A modified version of the Dragon Nosuke+ which has been painted gold. It is capable of launching large numbers of fire drones which target the nearest enemy.



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