The Drill Slug is a special Super Vehicle featured in Metal Slug 3 and a purchasable unit in Metal Slug Defense.


The SVX-22UG Drill Slug is a drilling machine designed to dig tunnels. The drill is equipped with Vulcans for long ranged engagements and a drill on the chassis for close-range combat which will automatically activate whenever something touches it. Also, instead of a cannon, the Drill Slug extends its 400mm bore drill from its chassis instead, which is especially useful against the Giant Caterpillars; which may take 1-3 extended drill attacks to kill one.

While it is fairly slow and unable to jump, it is compensated with its ability to lift the cockpit; giving it a higher profile and to avoid incoming fire from below. Although the player will need to be careful as it is still vulnerable to some attacks.

The player can only use the Drill Slug in the lower paths Mission 4 in MS3, which requires the player to open a hatch in the wine storage area in the bottom path.


  • The Drill Slug has a bug that if the player stays in the Slug as it explodes, the mid-air acid death animation is used instead of the mid-air burning death animation.
  • It has a special animation for killing Big Snails, which would also drop random items
  • It's extendable drill is very useful against a line of weaker enemies in one succession.

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