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The Drop Shot is a special weapon introduced in Metal Slug X. It is represented by the icon D.gif.


The Drop Shot is a bouncing landmine whose concept is not very different from the Rebellion's Sarubia. While effective against infantry, its small warhead forbids it from being much of a use against enemy armor. The landmines will bounce and explode on contact, but they don't travel too far and are also limited to the geography of the terrain. They are, however, extremely effective against infantry hiding behind cover. The user must pay attention to the environment (especially slopes and obstacles) for effective use of the weapon.

When fat, the Drop Shot balls are three times the size.


A Drop Shot crate contains 30 ammo from Metal Slug X to Metal Slug 5.

Game Difficulty Marco/Eri/Tarma/Clark Fio Ralf Leona
Metal Slug 6 Easy 20 30 10 N/A
Hard 10 15 5 N/A
Metal Slug 7/XX Beginner 60 90 30 72
Normal/Hard 30 45 15 36

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