The Elephant Slug is an animal slug used in Metal Slug 3.


Another animal slug, the elephant is very slow and can only jump at a very short height, but it gives the rider a high profile, which is some protection. It is only equipped with a 12.6mm Vulcan, but it gets additional firepower by eating chili peppers or a car battery, after which the elephant becomes able to breathe fire or to shoot lightning from its proboscis. The fire wave will cover a smaller range, but will net more points than the lightning.

The Elephant Slug appears at the second stage, when you break the wall to the "Icemen" cave. Once the Elephant Slug is unearthed from the ice, you can see the Sasquatch corpse and zombies from outside will storm the cavern. If the player is transformed into a zombie while mounting the Elephant Slug, he or she will not be able to mount it again because the zombie form's jump is too short for it to reach the Elephant Slug's saddle. Players are therefore advised to stay human form for as long as possible if they want to keep this Slug.

By eating various items you gain additional attacks.


MSD/MSA Quote: "Slow moving, but has a flamethrower super attack to eliminate many enemies at once."


MSD/MSA Quote: "This Elephant Slug has swallowed an electric battery. (MSD) The Electric Shock from its nose pierces through the enemies. / (MSA) As a distinct feature, the status improves greatly when evolved."


  • The Elephant Slug is an Asiatic Elephant, which differs from the African Elephant by his short ears and medium-sized tusks.
  • The Elephant Slug also appears in Metal Slug Defense as a daily login bonus prize on the 30th day, this one uses the Chili Peppers and its special "Flamethrower". As of later updates, a second Elephant Slug is also a purchasable unit, which uses the Battery and its special "Electric Shock", this unit costs 350 Medals.
  • The Elephant Slug also appears in Metal Slug Attack as well, with its skills list maxed to perform up to 3 "Flamethrowers" at a time. This unit is only available from the POW Rescue shop for 500 Gold Bars [or 350 in 30% off events] for x5 parts.
  • Also, the Elephant Slug (Battery) was been added as a purchasable unit and with a different cycle of evolution compared with other Super Rare Units, because can be obtained on iron frame at first. Recently, with the 1.18.0 update, has been added to Medal and V.I.P. Cranks.
  • If you add both Elephant Slug normal and Battery to the same deck, you can get the "Two Elephants" team bonus, which reduct slightly the amount of AP required for sorties.
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