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Elysion is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

A pirate from the past, Elysion was an average pirate, but became skilled after several years had passed, eventually becoming a captain and avoiding the authorities at every turn. Her greed and skill eventually overwhelmed her, causing her to indiscriminately attack both boats and ports. Eventually, she was met by a "black sailboat", which removed all traces of her. The remains of both her and her crew were washed ashore onto a nearby island, which was then enveloped in fog. Ships that approached the island were sunk to the bottom of the sea, giving it the nickname "Cursed Island". Rumors also spread about her great treasure that was hidden on the island.

The curse revived both her and her crew, though they were limited to the island. Though initially horrified, she eventually realizes her greed became her undoing, and vows to return to the sea once more. However, in her initial appearance, the curse came from the Monoeye UFO, which is not mentioned in Another Story.

In battle, she summons similarly cursed creatures to her aid (jellyfish, squid, huge morays and even the Cyclobster) to overwhelm her enemies. She is fond of drinking, as shown in her victory sprites.


Extra Ops

First appearing in the Extra Ops "Clash of the Worlds", she finds herself mutated and searches for the Monoeye UFO to destroy it. Upon discovering the Monoeye UFO, she summons three krakens to penetrate the glass dome, destroying it.

Elysion's rest is later disturbed once more as the Regular Army launches an underground expedition to chart the cave system on her island. Waking up with new powers, Elysion destroys one of the mapping machines, a Walk Machine Type-B, and finds several Try Coins in the process. Being her first Try Line, Elysion looks at the shop list and chuckles as she understands how it works. She finds the modern era appealing as she gets rewarded for destroying, calling her crew to assist her in getting some loot. In the process, she destroys the Digger Base and claims all of the items in the Try Line Shop as her own.

Another Story

First appearing in "Little Song", Elysion and her crew are reanimated by the seal being broken by Aileen and her pirates. She initially repels a Martian attack, though she is still able to sense more living beings and sends out the local wildlife to deal with them. Aileen and her pirates soon battle Elysion and her crew. Elysion is disappointed by the path Aileen follows, as it was the one she had done centuries ago. The Ghost Shiee eventually arrives as backup, but is destroyed by Halle and Mars People Pocket, causing her to fade away with her supposed treasure.




  • Her death animation is similar to that of several Invaders.
  • Elysion is the first unit in Metal Slug Attack to change dialogue when the special attack is enhanced, changing from "Kraken!" to "Burn them!". This trait is also seen when Elena and Licht's special attacks are enhanced.
  • Though initially appearing in "Clash of the Worlds", she did not make any other appearances until the release of the story "Little Song". The story also gave her dialogue.


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