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Emma is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

She is an inventor who works hard for the Rebel Army, though she admits that if she had the chance, she would join the Amadeus Syndicate. She is fascinated with machines and even created a contraption allowing her to use a wide array of attacks, though she also carries a pistol on her for self-defense.

Due to her ability to create weapons from recycling leftover materials, she is lauded by several members of the top brass when they are given a strict budget. This has also allowed her to become Navy's assistant.

She wears a baggy dress to carry tools in and also prefers to wear hypnotizing glasses.

Apart from her specially crafted contraption, Emma is also the creator of the Fortmeranian.


Extra Ops

First appearing in "Auto Battle", she accompanies Allen Jr. and Julia to a practice simulation with the Amadeus Syndicate's robotic forces, led by one Amadeus built Shoe & Karn. She admires the syndicate's ability to create an army from machines. During the simulation, she helps Allen Jr. create additional weapons after he runs out of ammunition for his own. After the simulation is over, she goes off to report the results to Navy.

Later on in "United Front the 9th", she works alongside Navy in creating a Golden Nokana. However, they are unable to find anyone to pilot it. Emma is disgusted when Vita tells her that one of the reasons why the soldiers refuse to is the cramped ball turret, stating that the person must have something against recycling since all Iron Nokana models have a ball turret.

After designing and creating the Fortmeranian, Emma decides to take it on a test run against the Regular Army. The attack is initially successful as all the damage dealt is simply repaired, but Rocky's sudden appearance causes enough havoc that she is forced to retreat. She vows not to make the same mistake again as she leaves.

While preparing for a United Front operation she finds Millefie and her Iwa Oh by accident. She immediately brings the wayward researcher into the fold and brings her up to date with recent events.

As the war intensified, Emma began overseeing the development of the Perfect Jupiter King. She showed Abigail and Morden the ultimate weapon, stating that it could use some extra data and that it could be implemented on the go.

Later on, she continued to add even more parts to her recycling machine to modify it, causing it to increase to a size that it easily dwarfs her in comparison. She participates in a battle against the Regular Army with her new machine to boost the morale of the Rebel soldiers, although she takes some injuries in the process as her glasses break and her uniform is slightly torn. She forces the Regular Army to withdraw after severely damaging their Golden Slug Square, and Alesha gives her a ride back to base so she can get her injuries tended to.



  • She is the fifth female character to wear glasses, the others being Fio Germi, Towa, Izabella, and Halle.
  • When Emma loses all her health, her contraption makes a small explosion, and leaving behind baffled and covered in soot. This makes her the third Rebel Army character that doesn't die, unless one counts her Subjugation Tactics incarnation, as her large contraption breaks down before exploding - she does not fade away either.
  • She is the first known mechanic for the Rebel Army.
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