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The Enemy Chaser is a special weapon introduced in Metal Slug X. It is represented by the icon C.gif.


The Enemy Chaser sacrifices its agility for firepower and an advanced guidance system. Although not entirely foolproof, the homing capability gives the foot soldiers a tremendous boost in anti-aircraft roles. The rockets immediately go into homing mode once launched, randomly targeting enemies. The homing mechanism is independent for every missile as they can be launched in a barrage. This weapon is very useful in finding hidden POWs and items.

When fat, the Enemy Chaser becomes bigger and more rounded while not losing speed unlike the Fat Rocket Launcher.


An Enemy Chaser crate contains 40 ammo from Metal Slug X to Metal Slug 5.

Game Difficulty Marco/Eri/Tarma/Clark Fio Ralf Leona
Metal Slug 6 Easy 20 30 10 N/A
Hard 10 15 5 N/A
Metal Slug 7/XX Beginner 80 120 40 96
Normal/Hard 40 60 20 48

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