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A list of environmental objects found in the Metal Slug series.

Volt Electric Barrier

An electrical stand that discharges electricity, used as a barrier by the Rebel Army. It delivers a shock to anything that touches it, however it can be avoided by simply crouching underneath it. First appears in Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001.

In Metal Slug Attack, these barriers somehow were stolen by the Ptolemaic Army and were reused to commemorate the game's 13000000 downloads.

TNT Barrel

It is always placed in key areas. It causes a large explosion when destroyed and will usually either clear a roomful of enemies or create a path.


Used by the Rebels as a barricade, especially by snipers and mortar soldiers. From Metal Slug 2 onwards, shooting them will give the player 100 points per shot.

A variant of the sandbag, called the 11000000SANDBAG, was introduced in Metal Slug Attack to celebrate the game's 11 million downloads.

Mummy Generator

Will summon mummy after mummy until it's destroyed.

Also serves as one of the player's custom bases in Metal Slug Attack.


It can be pulled to reveal hidden stuff or open secret passages.

In Metal Slug Attack, various Cranks are used to randomly unlock new units, unit parts, or items at the cost of Medals or MSP.


It takes you to areas that are hidden from the main path.

In Metal Slug Defense, Metal Slug Attack, and Metal Slug Infinity (named Warp Tubes for the latter), units are deployed from the bases. Overall gameplay from the three games revolve around the player defending their base while destroying their enemy base.

Water Tar

A tar full of Flying Killers; it will send them until it's destroyed.

Super Vehicle Crate

These containers are used to carry a land-borne Slug inside them.



Fridge Artwork.jpg

It contains some food inside it and sometimes even a prisoner. In Metal Slug Attack, the refrigerator also serves as a custom base for deploying units.

Electric Door

The exit of the pyramid's warehouse. It needs some batteries to be thrown inside before it opens.


Used to store air-borne Slugs. Items may be stored on the roof of the hangars.

Torture Chamber Monitor

Used to control the torture chamber where Morden was imprisoned inside.

Missile Cart

It is used to carry missiles on rails. It will launch the missile if it is hit. In Metal Slug Attack, the Missile Cart serves as an icon that allows all player units to perform their special attacks simultaneously when pressed.



A large cocoon. It will send chariots over and over, until it's destroyed.

Rebel Army Field WC

Upon destroyed, the Rebel Soldier inside will hide inside the toilet. In Metal Slug Attack, it was reused to commemorate the game's 16000000 downloads.

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