MetalSlug-Faction Logos

The logos of three of the antagonistic factions in the series, the Rebel Army, Amadeus Syndicate, and Ptolemaic Army.

Factions :

Regular Army

The main protagonists of the Metal Slug Series.

P.F. Squad

An elite soldier squad that serves the Regular Army.


An intelligence division of the Regular Army created after the First Modern War.

Rebel Army

The main antagonists of the Metal Slug Series (except for Metal Slug 5 where they are replaced by the Ptolemaic Army).

Samurai Army

Small faction in Metal Slug 3.

Ptolemaic Army

They replace the Rebel Army in Metal Slug 5.


They appear in Metal Slug 2, X, 3, 6. They support the Rebel Army and betray them in Metal Slug 2, X, 3.

Amadeus Syndicate

They appear in Metal Slug 4 . Initially they are supported by the Rebel Army, but after being defeated they become independent.


They are carnivore aliens that feed on other species, such as the Martians. They appear in Metal Slug 6.

Future Rebels

They are soldiers from the Rebel Army of the future that came into the present through a wormhole to help General Morden. They appear in Metal Slug 7.

Oguma Corporation

They supported the Rebel Army with powerful technologies. They appear in Metal Slug 3D.