Not to be confused with Metal Slug 5's boss theme.

Fierce Battle is the sixteenth and final mission of Metal Slug: 1st Mission.

Mission Synopsis

The Hero enters and infiltrates the main Rebel base. After a small room full of tanks and Rebels, the Hero fights the Facility Elevator, Macba, and the Rebel Truck in that order. Hilde Garn escapes the Rebel Truck, boards his Slug, and activates a fifty-second self destruct timer. If the timer runs out, then the player gets a Game Over. The final section is jumping on top of the Rebel Zeppelin and the fight with Hilde Garn's Slug begins.

Mission Sub-bosses

M17B MS1stM
Facility Elevator: Hilde Garn enters the operations room and starts firing balls of fire at the Hero. In the meantime, crates slowly hover and attempt to drop over the Hero. When the crate breaks, Rebel soldiers, Rebel tanks, weapon extensions, or health items pop out.

Once the elevator breaks, Garn walks out and another crate (that is able to crush the Hero) is dropped to gain access to the next fight.

Macba2 MS1stM
Macba: He tosses knives that boomerang towards him and jumps around with his knives sticking out.
M17C MS1stM
Rebel Truck: Hilde Garn enters the truck and slowly drives it towards the Hero. Garn also shoots projectiles coming from the top of the truck to stall the Hero's time.

Game Clear Bonuses

Beating the game once unlocks the Heroine. An option called "S-Continue" is also available in the main menu which starts the game from the beginning with whatever Rank the player is currently at.