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The Fire Bomb is a secondary weapon introduced in Metal Slug 2.


Often called "Molotov Cocktails", these are simple glass bottles filled with flammable liquids. A cloth soaked with the same flammable liquid is inserted in the opening of the bottle and lit before the bottle is about to be thrown. When the bottle hits the ground or target, the flammable liquid is sprayed over a considerable area. Then, the fire lit on the cloth ignites the liquids, creating a temporary firestorm over the area. It still remains one of the most potent weapons for civilian military around the world today.


The Fire Bombs cover much more area than standard grenades, so it's best to use it on large groups of infantry. It has the same damage output as standard grenades, despite it having no explosive power. It is not as effective on vehicles as it is on infantry. It can char enemies on contact, even shielded ones.

When fat, the Fire Bomb turns from a regular bottle to a transparent growler bottle that covers even more ground.

Collecting a Fire Bomb replaces the grenades for the player but keeps the ammunition count. It reverts back to normal grenades upon dying, entering a new mission, or collecting grenades again (bomb crates don't count).

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  • Metal Slug Advance is the only game in the series where the word "BOMB" at the HUD is replaced with "FIRE" when collecting a Fire Bomb.
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