First Mission
Regular Army victory.
  • Both Garn and Macba are reported as M.I.A
Beligerants in
Marco Rossi (Supposedly)
Red Eye (Supposedly)
Hilde Garn

The so-called First Mission is a special operation carried prior to the First Modern War. These events occur in Metal Slug: 1st Mission

In a land of continuing strife, illegal arm sales are occurring with disturbing frequency. Subsequent investigations reveal that the distributors of the weapons are not guerrillas but the Government Forces themselves. The distribution center for the weapons turns out to be more massive than estimated, and it is clandestinely manufacturing new weapons which even include the top-secret SV-001 "METAL SLUG" prototype and the commander of the squad protecting this region turns out to be the expert at guerrilla warfare Colonel Hilde Garn, and his aide-de-camp turns out to be the master at hand-to-hand combat Lt. Colonel Macba, who stood on the front lines himself and struck terror in the hearts of the enemy. This squad is led by Hilde Garn, which is praised as the mightiest in the army, is the force behind the illegal weapon sales, it was feared that this could lead to a coup d'état. The Intelligence Agency of the Government Forces, taking a particular grave view of the situation, decides to enlist the services of the ultra-elite Special Forces Squad Peregrine Falcons. The "First Mission" as it was named was successfully completed.