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The First Modern War is the main event from the year 2028.

Begining Of The War

After years of preparation, General Morden begins his coup d'état to seize control of the world from its current leaders. With his blitzkrieg of insurgency carried out by his forces and the support of effective sympathizers propping him up throughout the world, the major cities of the world fall into his grip within a mere week after Morden gave the order to attack and lose all capabilities to resist.

In the face of the General's revolt, a small band of survivors from the quickly overrun Government Forces begin to form a resistance and struggle to rebuild their troop strength while biding their time till the opportunity to stop Morden arrives. Then, disaster strikes. The secret factory of the resistance shatters into pieces with a deafening blast. An attack launched by the General's revolutionary forces, with the resistance finally been discovered.

This truly lops off the head of the resistance's vanguard force that still lack sufficient military strength, and leaves a number of new, all-purpose METAL SLUG tank prototypes smoldering in the ruins or ready to fall into enemy hands. The two soldiers selected for this mission, Marco and Tarma are sent to pinpoint the General's Revolutionary Force's lead position with a small unit and take it out. The stolen METAL SLUGs were to be returned and kept secret or, if no other options are available, be destroyed.

Marco Offensive

After watching the troubling disaster of the Regular Army, The Major of the P.F. Squad, Marco Rossi and his 1st subcommander Tarma Roving, began preparing a desperate counterattack with the hope of recovering or destroying the captured Metal Slug tanks and defeat the Rebellion. Over a period of 2 months the Regular forces available pooled together to begin the offensive.

The Offensive included around 3000 Infantry Soldiers, 50 Aerial Combat Airplanes, 200 Heavy Tank's and around 30 Metal Slugs.

The Offensive began in the Spring of the same year with simultaneous attacks, and several early victories for the Regulars were quickly gained.

Asian Theater

Major Marco decided the first important theater that needed to be gained was the Asian Theater due to the great quantity of Rebel Army troops stationed there. The 29th infantry division of Infantry, and the 11th armored division were sent in for a cooperative strike.

Along the way, the Regular Army found several unusual things, including a 1999 variant of a ballistic missile submarine designated Middle-Son 1999 beached in the Villenueve Forest.


Regular troops fighting at Villeneuve Mt. System.

The Battle for the Villeneuve Mt. System was the pivotal point of campaign. Marco lead the charge, and with a surprising attack the Rebel Infantry was quickly annihilated.

With this defeat, the Rebel morale failed and the front began to disperse. Major Marco and commander Tarma were then rotated out of the Asian Theater to reinforce the Regular Forces in Europe.