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The Flame Shot is a secondary weapon in the Metal Slug series. It is represented by the icon F.gif.


The Flame Shot is effective against infantry and lightly armored vehicles at close range. One shot is enough to burn a number of soldiers, and a few are enough to melt vehicles with ease.

There are two versions of the Flame Shot. The first version only appears in Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001, shooting a fireball that covered a good range but was quite weak. The second version replaces the previous one from Metal Slug 2 onward, shooting a stream of fire that covers a lesser range but causes more damage to vehicles. The Big Flame Shot shoots a larger stream of fire that covers more range, burns more enemies, and causes even more damage to vehicles.

When a character turns fat, the Big Flame Shot becomes even more powerful, firing a giant fireball.


A Flame Shot gives out 30 ammo from Metal Slug to Metal Slug 4.

Game Difficulty Marco/Eri/Tarma/Clark Fio Ralf Leona
Metal Slug 6 Easy 20 30 10 N/A
Hard 10 15 5 N/A
Metal Slug 7/XX Beginner 60 90 30 72
Normal/Hard 30 45 15 36

Announcer Clips

Metal Slug and Metal Slug 2
Metal Slug X to Metal Slug Advance
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Metal Slug XX


  • Due to rushed deadlines, the Flame Shot is unused in Metal Slug 5. Despite this, the game has burning animations for the most common enemies. These sprites were used in Metal Slug Defense instead.
  • The Announcer from Metal Slug XX mispronounces Flame Shot as "Frame Shot".
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