The Flying Parasite is a recurring enemy in Metal Slug 6, and are commonly seen controlling Chinese Soldiers.


This breed of Invader is a small floating creature with three compound eyes and tendrils on its sides. It uses the tendrils to drain its victim's flesh, but it can also attach itself to the victim's brain and control it with them.

When the Flying Parasite attaches itself to a Chinese soldier, it will take a grenade for the soldier to toss. It can also stretch its tendrils to attack the player.

When the tendrils latch on the playable character, then the Flying Parasite will suck their innards until their clothes remain. The death scene by this attack is the only scene in the series where the player character doesn't audibly scream.

NCO-IdleBrain Parasite (Rebel NCO) attackingNCO-Walking


  • Orange Variant - The most common variant.
  • Purple Variant - This variant doesn't attack and carries items for the player.
  • Green Variant/ControllerIts eyes protrude out of its head on eye stalks, and it has a cord that controls one of the playable characters. Instead of attacking directly, it uses its host to attack with a wide array of moves (handgun, knife/hatchet, grenade, Heavy Machine Gun, Flame Shot, and Rocket Launcher). Also, unlike other parasites, it cannot be killed directly; instead you need to injure its host to do that. It serves as a mini-boss for the final mission.

A soldier getting possessed


  • The victims, if they manage to escape, will be unscathed and will run away screaming.
  • Its attack method is similar to that of a Huge Locust in how it swoops down and grabs the player before eating their innards.
  • It is similar to the Headcrabs of the Half-Life series by Valve.


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