The Future Rebels are minor enemies found in Metal Slug 7,Metal Slug XX, Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack.


The Future Rebels are rebel soldiers that came from the future to aid General Morden. Even though their weapons are primarily based on energy and electricity, they still have the same effect and are actually similar to their past counterparts. They wear a blue-tinged uniform and are equipped with communications antenna on their helmets.


Fanatic Soldier


Like the regular fanatics they are the most common and brave soldiers of the army. They attack w
ith a powerful electric shock gauntlet.

Bazooka Soldier


Like the normal bazooka soldier they are an anti-tank infantry, but they fire energy blasts from their bazookas instead of bombs. They don't need a parachute, using instead a jetpack mounted on their backpacks to hover in mid-air and keep shooting without landing near the enemy. 

Mine Soldier

Futurerebelball This soldier launches drop shot capsules from his backpack that look and behave just like the projectile from the player's Drop Shot rifle.

Lightning Soldier

Futurerebellightning They walk to charge static electricity into their antennae (more than likely tesla coils) then release lightning balls. Most of them are shielded.

Rocket Soldier

Futurerebelrocket These soldiers drop to the floor and launch three rockets from their backpacks. The rockets fly straight forward. Unlike the rebel fireworks, the rocket from this soldier can be destroyed.

Shielded Soldier


They use a force field that protects them on all sides. Once the shield absorbs enough weapon fire from the player, it will shatter, leaving the soldier exposed to enemy fire.


Future Di-Cokka

This type of Di-Cokka is painted blue and shoots plasma bolts, and has double the resistance of its past model.

Future R-Shobu

A purple painted R-Shobu which still use missiles but had exchanged its bombs for energy drops.


  • Although the Rebels' armor is supposedly highly advanced, it is still no more bulletproof than the uniforms their past counterparts wear.
  • In Metal Slug Defense, they have a relatively high armor rating and can be hard to kill.
  • The bazooka that the Future Rebels use resembles a real-world weapon: an infantry-portable launcher for a Stinger Missile.
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