Garbage Island Conflict
In and around Garbage Island
Regular Army Victory
  • Rebel Army is routed and once again retreats into hiding.
  • Future Rebels are prevented from accessing the past.
  • Donald Morden is defeated and briefly captured, but is freed by Mars People and escapes.
Beligerants in

The Garbage Island Incident is a special operation performed by the Regular Army in Metal Slug 7. It takes place after the Oguma Crisis and White Baby Crisis and one year prior to the Ptolemaic War.

After the destruction of the Amadeus Syndicate and Oguma Advanced Technologies, the Regular Army resumed its search for Donald Morden. After spotting a hint of Rebel Army occupation on Garbage Island, the Regular Army dispatched their top men and women P.F. Squad and S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S to dispose of them before they could have a chance to launch another global war. Once more, they would be aided by members of its recently hired mercenary group, the Ikari Warriors.

Though the initial sweep of Garbage Island cleared out much of the Rebel Army, Morden was not found and the team left empty-handed. Unbeknowest to them, Morden had hidden himself within the island caves. As he recovered, an unknown energy starting forming from out of nowhere and created a time-portal. The party responsible for creating the portal was the Future Rebel Army, who had come from the future to aid Morden's campaign with their advanced technology and weaponry. Despite this, the Regular Army continued to defeat the Rebel Army in several occupied areas around the island before returning to destroy the portal. Defeated once more, Morden was briefly captured by the Regular Army but escaped with unexpected aid from the Mars People.