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The Gatling soldier is an enemy in the Metal Slug series.


They are privileged troops utilized by the Rebel Army. They carry modified miniguns with a back-mounted ammo supply. The minigun soldier can only fire the weapon in short bursts due to the intense recoil, rapid overheating, and ammo expenditure. This leaves them vulnerable to enemy fire. However, their large ammo containers can double as armor due to their ability to resist several gunshots.


RebelMinigun.gif Rebel Gatling: Galting soldiers serving under the Rebel Army.
Wrath Gatling: A Gatling soldier so enraged that they are in a new level of calm. They can rapid-fire more bullets than usual, and the bullets can home on air units.
Bodyguard Gatling: Serving under Beatriz's brigade, these soldiers fire ice needles at enemies, with any killed turning into snowmen or blocks of ice.
Regular Gatling: Galting soldiers in the Regular Army. They fire armor-piercing shots similar to the one used by Perche, and are capable of evading enemy attacks.
Blaze Gatling: Serving under Blaze Brigade, these soldiers fire flame at enemies, and the flame shots has a very long range.
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