The Giant Caterpillar is a minor enemy in Metal Slug 3.


This enormous mutated creature lives in hives with other mutants. Despite its large size, it can only kill the player by crushing him or her against the edge of the screen. It can not run you over like enemy vehicles would. Some can also extend a "tongue" to spit acid bubbles. When it dies, it leaves a ton of maggots or food from its insides. The Drill Slug is very effective against him, being able to easily kill it just by ramming its drill against it. It is best to kill this giant enemy while it is in motion before it can extend its "tongue", which shoots acid bubbles and must be destroyed before it can be killed.



Mini Caterpillar: A smaller version of the same Caterpillar introduced in Metal Slug Attack. it moves faster than original, but has lower attack power, HP and AP.

Esther MSA Grandee

Grandee: A yellow version of the Giant Caterpillar, it's befriended Esther and her people. It's exactly the same as the Giant Caterpillar, except it's invulnerable to attacks. Grandee is related to the standard Giant Caterpillars.


  • The Giant Caterpillar is based on both the Brain Bug from the movie Starship Troopers, as well as the Ohmu from the manga and anime Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.
  • When a Big SnailMaggot and Giant Caterpillar's acid hits a male character, his flesh dissolves into nothing but bones. If the acid hits a female her clothes dissolve, leaving the rest of her body unharmed for a bit before dissolving completely, thus allowing her chest (or her butt, if hit while jumping) to be seen momentarily before they disappear.
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